Yak 52W Spec Sheet


  Aircraft: Yakovlev 52W
  Serial Number 0012209
  Airframe Total Time: 258 Hours

  • +7/-5G Heavy Wing Spar

  • Clean Original Cockpit

  • Stock Instrument Panel

  • Tricycle Landing Gear



  • Extended Range Wing Fuel Tanks: 2 Fuselage/2 Wing, 70 liters per side

  • ICOM Radio & Transponder

  • PS Engineering PM1000 Intercom

  • New Tires and Tubes

  • Larger Luggage Compartment

  • Hooker Harness Seat Belts

  • Bruce’s Custom Cover & Tool Kit

  • 1 Large Scuba Tank, Hose & Fitting


Aerostar Factory Custom Configuration at time of manufacture:

  • 4” legroom gain with repositioning rearward of pilot seat bulkhead and redesigned rudder pedal brackets forward for a 6’7” pilot

  • 94 liter aluminum rear seat ferry tank with quick disconnect, fuselage plumbed, hard lines & fittings

  • Aluminum-skinned control surfaces – no fabric

M-14P Engine

Vedeneyev 360 HP

Engine Total Time: 258 Hours

  • Intake Drain Kit

  • B&C Alternator


MTV-9 3-Blade

Year Manufactured: 2002

Prop Total Time: 258 Hours

No Damage History


Aircraft is located in Myrtle Beach, SC and may be viewed by prior arrangement. Aircraft is under the brokerage of M-14P, Incorporated.  If interested, call Jill at 928.681.4400 or e-mail:  jill@m-14p.com.