Hydraulic Lock Repairs

The damage incurred from a hydraulic lock can be a slight bending of a connecting rod or a catastrophic failure in-flight and engine stoppage. We would like to ensure that you fix the problem before it becomes the latter.

We will perform the following:
· Remove the gearbox (nosecase), baffling, sump, intake tubes and cylinders
· Split the power section and remove the crankshaft assembly.
· Check the torque and stretch of the crankshaft pinch bolt.
· Disassemble, inspect and measure the crankshaft assembly.
· Replace the damaged parts.
· Set the runout and side clearance of the rear cheekplate.
· Inspection of accessory shaft and drive gears for twist and damage.
· Magnaflux testing of steel parts
· Final disassembly of the engine.
· Additional upgrades performed, upon request.
· Reassemble your engine with new seals, gaskets and hardware per the Manufacturer’s Overhaul Manual.
· For an additional fee, we will run your engine on the test stand after inspection.