Engine Overhaul Continued

We are pleased to provide an M-14P quality-overhauled engine that meets our unparalleled standards of excellence and performance.

Customer: “I want you to build me a good engine.”
Me: “Mike, we don’t build “good” here, we build GREAT engines!”

Our Signature Engine Overhaul includes:

  • Polyurethane prime and paint of engine case parts.
  • Upgraded seals
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Chrome pushrod tube, nuts, air lines and spark plug harness elbows
  • Hard anodized pushrod nipples and air distributor valve caps
  • Engine case primed and painted with high quality polyurethane
  • Steel parts magnafluxed
  • All accessories overhauled
  • Engine run on test stand

Cylinders overhauled:

  • All valve seats cut, ground and lapped and leak-tested twice
  • Exhaust and intake guides checked and replaced (as necessary)
  • Cylinder barrels primed and painted with Hi-Temp paint.
  • Steel hardware replaced with freshly cad-plated hardware or stainless steel
  • Air start valves overhauled and leak-tested
  • Exhaust ports repaired, if necessary



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