Airframe Assembly and Certification


Getting your aircraft onsite safely, efficiently and economically is our goal. We have years of experience with many different types of aircraft.   Unloading the aircraft is only the first step of a process that can be frustrating for a first-time importer. We are able to quickly identify problems that may be overlooked during assembly. We will be happy to ease you through the entire process:

  • File the Airworthiness application, Program letter and Events letter with the FAA.
  • Acquire the services of an FAA-designated DAR or an FAA representative to perform the certification.
  • Complete a condition inspection; which is necessary for certification.
  • Placard the aircraft, as necessary.
  • Perform a weight and balance on the aircraft.
  • Work with your insurance company.
  • Review original documents and logbooks.
  • Prepare new U.S. logbooks, if necessary.
  • Complete the certification process.
  • Coordinate with you to complete the Phase I portion of the Operating Limitations.