Landing Gear Actuator

Pneumatic system:  Proper servicing of your air system is critical for troublefree operation.  Send us your component and we will install a new seal kit and replace any parts that are unserviceable.

Uplock Cylinders

The Russians overhauled their aircraft and engines every 5 years or 500 hours.  We don’t do that in the U.S., so that means we need to stay on top of maintenance.

Flap Actuator

We are just beginning to see the first failures in the flap actuators. With our experience and special tools we will rebuild your flap actuator and install new seals and locking balls.

Shimmy Dampener

There is a common misconception that you should service your Yak 52 shimmy dampener with air or nitrogen, when the indicator shaft has recessed into the shimmy dampener body.

Air Bottles: Hydrostatic Testing

Your air bottles need to be hydrostatically tested every five years.  
We offer this service at a flat rate
and a quick turnaround time.


Engine Accessories

AIR COMPRESSOR:  Most often, we get your phone call after the air compresor coupling is sheared. * The Stage I portion of the compressor is full of

carbon caked in the valves,
rings and ring grooves.

Hose Rebuilds

We offer you a quality alternative to the original Russian hose. It seems most everything in Russia followed Stalin’s 5-year plan – even the aircraft! The original hose material must be changed every 5 years or 500 hours. It truly has a life limit.