M-14P Timeline:

  • June 12, 1987: “Tear down this wall.” Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in a challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev.  The period of “glasnost” and “perestroika” opened up a new market for aviation, particularly Sukhois and Yaks.

    19921992: Carl Hays begins the search for WWII Lend Lease aircraft in Russia. Instead, he receives 6 Yak 52s and he is in the Russian Aircraft business as Carl W. Hays Enterprises.

    Carl purchases AN-2 from Almaty, Kazhakstan and has it flown to the San Diego via Alaska. He helps numerous Russians obtain their green cards and offers employment.  Two of these Russians are notable in the Russian aircraft world today as an aerobatics instructor and a mechanic.

  • 1993: Jill sees her first Sukhoi at Sun N’ Fun and is fascinated by the totally foreign Russian radial engine aircraft.

  • 1994: Jill begins working at Parker Aviation in Warren, VT and cuts her teeth on Jim Parker’s Yak 55M.

  • 1995: Jill migrates north to Swanton, VT to become Gesoco’s Director of Maintenance.

  • 1997: Carl begins design of automotive spark plug adaptors.

    20001998: Jill moves to San Diego to work with Carl.

    2000: Jill and Carl get married.

    2000: Design work for a new replacement magneto coil with external capacitor begins.

    2001: Jill & Carl become the 2nd and 3rd Westerners to become certified by the OKBM Factory in Voronezh, Russia to repair and overhaul the M-14P and -PF engines.


    2004: 1st set of automotive spark plug adaptors is produced for testing purposes.


20052005: Carl retires.  Jill launches M-14P, Incorporated and opens its hangar door in Kingman, AZ

2005: Jill organizes “Airwomen of the Red Star” and hosts a group of Russian World War II women air veterans for 9 exciting and historic days in San Diego.

2006: M-14P, Inc. signs contract with Whirl Wind Propeller to produce M-14P, Inc.’s V-530C Blades – a direct replacement carbon fiber blades for the Vpered propeller.

  • 2007: Begin overhauling carburetors

  • 2008: Produce first rewound magneto coils.

  • 2010: M-14P, Inc. wins Best Yak/CJ at EAA Airventure with Darrell Gary’s N90YK

  • 2012: Engine test stand is completed and test runs of repaired and overhauled engines commence. M-14P, Inc. hosts its first M-14P Engine seminar on site.

  • 2015: M-14P, Inc.’s 10-year anniversary

  • 2015: M-14P, Inc. builds engine for Scott “Gabby” Wallace; who wins Judge’s Choice Best Yak/CJ with N202ME

  • 2015: V-530J Propeller blades are introduced.


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M-14P Inc. brings together a team of talented individuals with more than 146 years of collective experience in aviation, 139 years in radial engines and 58 years in the Russian aircraft business. We are problem solvers, innovators, mechanics, diagnosticians, designers and fabricatiors The YAKSMITHS.

We’re happy when you’re in the air, not on the ground!

We repair engines, actuators, magnetos, fabric, sheet metal, air compressors, fuel pumps and much more! Our host of services is highlighted by our ability to deliver in a timely manner.

We have thousands of inventory items in stock. Our repair and manufacturing capabilities continue to grow. We understand that the successful operation of these aircraft lies in how well we do OUR job.

Our mission is to be the premiere provider of excellent service and reliable support for the M-14P-powered community. We have demonstrated our steadfast commitment to our customers, since 1992.

Our involvement with our customers doesn’t end with the sale or when we hang up the phone. We are constantly anticipating our customer’s needs. Our ability to diagnose problems and provide you with sound, quality solutions places us above our competition.

In 2005, M-14P Inc. opened its doors in a new 10,000 square foot facility located in Kingman, Arizona. We have greatly expanded our capabilities with new tooling and custom-designed shop space – allowing us to become your one-stop Yak and M-14P specialty shop.

In June 2001, Carl Hays and Jill Gernetzke became the second and third Westerners to receive certification for the overhaul and repair of the M-14P and –PF engines at the engine production facility, OAO OKBM Motorostroyeniya, in Voronezh Russia. They spent a week with the production manager, Nikolai Sukhanov learning the procedures utilized by OKBM technicians.  The class solidified the knowledge that Carl and Jill had already acquired from years of experience repairing and servicing the M-14P engine.

We travel the extra mile to keep your airplane flying.